Kindle Books

coverMy first Kindle book was published in March 2015.

It is called How to Pass GCSE Maths with a Top Grade: 53 Higher Level past paper questions with A* answers.

Within days of publication it had become a #1 best-seller in its category.

Book description:

Discover the Perfect Way to Answer GCSE Maths Exam Questions

Don’t Waste your time Revising for GCSE Maths in the Traditional Way … Use the Study Method that since 2001 has Enabled 1,000s of Students Just Like You to Get an A* Grade.

As a Maths teacher with over 30 years of experience of teaching GCSE Maths students in the classroom and online, I know what it takes to achieve a top grade. In my book, I show you what I have learned.

Become able to remember over 90% of what you learn when you revise instead of just 10%

How much of what you revise actually sinks in? Most probably doesn’t. You will learn how to get the very most out of your revision time. I’ll teach you how to study for shorter, intense periods of time but learn way more. Maths is a unique subject and some ways of studying it work better than others.

The truth is that you can train your brain into becoming highly effective at understanding and remembering maths … and crucially converting that knowledge into maximum marks when you sit your exam. Your brain is like a heat-seeking missile – when it knows exactly what is required of it, it becomes very good at delivering.

It’s no good knowing Maths – you have to become at Expert at Answering Exam Questions Under Pressure

With the school system being the way it is, knowing your subject well is not enough if you want to succeed. Many able students mess up their exam. Don’t that let be you. These days academic achievement is all about the exam. It’s about proving what you know – not during the course – but on the day of the exam.

The key to success is following a proven method that has worked for students of all abilities from over the world. In the book I show you:

  • what the examiners are looking for
  • how to read the questions properly and understand precisely what is being asked for
  • how to get the correct answer
  • how to show your working out

… And how to do all of this confidently and calmly knowing deep down that you can rely on yourself to perform at your best under the stress of the exam environment.

My Q & A Method will show you How to Get an A* Grade

My book details the GCSE Maths study method I have used for decades. It details the 3 cannot-fail study principles that will work for you in the same way as they have worked for the literally 1,000s of students who have used my materials over the years.

Acquire the confidence that you can answer any GCSE Maths Question in a way that will get you Maximum Marks

My model answers show you exactly how the questions should be answered. The book contains 53 GCSE Maths past paper questions and model answers. They are Higher Level questions and are organised into two papers.

With my model answers, I don’t just show the answers – I show all the working out also. My model answers are detailed but simple-to-understand. This book is a goldmine of information on how to answer GCSE Maths exam questions perfectly.